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Staying Healthy During the Pandemic

  1. How to know if your school’s reopening plan is safe

    There are many situations that come into play when you’re considering in-person or virtual learning this year for your student. While those situations are specific and unique to you and your family, everyone can agree that the health and safety of our children is the ultimate goal. If you’re wondering if it’s safe to send your student back to the classroom this fall, here are some things to keep in mind when you’re looking over their school’s plan for reopening. Riding the bus Look for: Limited capacity, physical distancing…

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  2. Why wearing a face mask doesn’t replace social distancing or vice versa

    “If masks work, why do I need to social distance? If social distancing works, why do I need to wear a mask?” It’s a commonly asked question, because if you’re wearing a mask, it makes sense that you should be able to get closer to others as long as they’re wearing one too. Likewise, if everyone is social distancing, the need for masks goes out the window, right? While we wish that were true, wearing a mask does not replace social distancing measures or vice versa. Here’s why: Masks…

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  3. Voices from the Community

    Mike & Kristina Marsh

    Commercial Printers

    Each week is different as businesses are operating in challenging ways, but our friends, family and clients make us proud. Our staff has worked so hard during these times and our clients have been most supportive.

  4. Ready to eat out again? Here’s how to stay safe

    Dining out is a favorite pastime for many — a way to catch up with family and friends, unwind, celebrate, or even just an excuse not to cook. If you’re ready to head out to restaurants again, the most important things to remember when it comes to transmission are “time, space, people, place.” That is what William Miller, M.D., an epidemiologist at Ohio State University, told NPR. This means your risk for getting the virus increases when you spend a lot of time in a closed space with many…

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  5. What to do for non-covid related medical issues

    People who don’t have COVID-19 may need to find care for health concerns they’re facing. Here are some options to consider to meet your needs: Call your primary care doctor’s office and ask them if you can make an appointment. They can direct you as to how you can access their care. Many physician practices, including Texas Health Family Care offices, offer virtual visits that will allow you to be seen by a provider without leaving the comfort of home. Reference your practice’s website for more information on virtual…

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