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How to Avoid Becoming Infected

  1. How to wear your mask correctly

    Masks help slow the spread of COVID-19 when worn correctly and combined with every day preventive actions and social distancing. So how should you wear your mask? How to wear a mask correctly Wash your hands before putting on your mask Put it over your nose and mouth and secure it under your chin Try to fit it snugly against the sides of your face Make sure you can breathe easily The CDC does not recommend use of masks or cloth masks that have an exhalation valve or vent How to remove…

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  2. Should you wear gloves while grocery shopping during the pandemic? Here’s what you should know

    While most grocery stores ask customers to wear a face mask, you might also see a few people wearing gloves, too. But are they necessary?  Gloves are meant to add a layer of protection from germs and bacteria on surfaces, and because you touch a lot of things while grocery shopping, wearing gloves can make sense. But if you touch your face, hold your phone to your face, or touch the outside of the gloves when you remove them, you are actually defeating the purpose.  If you want to…

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  3. Voices from the Community

    Mike & Kristina Marsh

    Commercial Printers

    Each week is different as businesses are operating in challenging ways, but our friends, family and clients make us proud. Our staff has worked so hard during these times and our clients have been most supportive.

  4. What you should know about leaving hand sanitizer in the car

    These days, we add “mask and hand sanitizer” to the “keys, phone, wallet” check as a reminder when we leave the house. But with reports of hand sanitizer combusting in cars, is it safe to leave it there?  According to the National Fire Protection Association, a bottle of hand sanitizer would have to heat to 700 degrees Fahrenheit for it to catch fire without the presence of a flame or spark. Even during the hottest days in Texas, your car would not reach this threshold. But while there isn’t…

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  5. How to take care of your cloth mask

    Masks help slow the spread of COVID-19 when combined with every day preventive actions and social distancing in public. Cloth face masks or coverings should be washed after each use in case the virus is on the mask. But should you care for them any different than your normal laundry? Here’s how to clean your cloth mask: How to Clean Washing machine You can include your mask with your regular laundry Use regular laundry detergent and the warmest appropriate water setting for the cloth used to make the mask Washing by hand Prepare…

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