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Community insights on COVID-19: What we’ve learned from local survey

In August, Texas Health Huguley Hospital conducted a survey of 300 people in our area to find out how the community felt about the COVID-19 pandemic, and how it has impacted health care decision making. We’d like you to know what’s on the minds of your community, so we’re sharing some insightful findings from the survey with you.

Understanding the needs, concerns and expectations of our community has always been of the utmost importance to Texas Health Huguley. We understand the responsibility we have in caring for the people of this community, and we greatly value the trust that the community places in our hospital. Surveys like this are one way that we make sure we know what’s on your mind, but please know that you can contact us anytime to share your perspectives.

Here are some important insights from the survey:

Insight #1:
Respondents feel we need to be more concerned about the pandemic, as a society.

As a baseline for local sentiment, we asked residents how concerned they were about the COVID-19 pandemic, and what their feelings were about the state and federal government response to it.

Here’s what you told us:
Overall, respondents felt that as a society, we needed to be more concerned about the pandemic, and a majority were alarmed by the number of cases in Texas. However, you told us that actions taken by state and federal officials were appropriate.

Insight #2:
Respondents believe social distancing and other health protocols are effective measures in keeping people safe – and expressed concern about children returning to classroom learning.

We asked if respondents believed wearing masks and other social distancing protocols were the right strategies to protect the public. We also wanted to know how local residents felt about children returning to classes in the fall.

Here’s what you told us:
Overall, respondents believed wearing masks and social distancing are effective mitigation strategies. Further, the survey results indicated that the majority believed children should not return to in-person classes this fall, and that sentiment held true regardless of whether respondents had children at home.

Insight #3:
Respondents expressed greater fear for transmitting the virus to a loved one than about contracting it themselves.

We asked respondents if they were worried about transmitting the virus to someone they cared about, and about their own fears of contracting the virus.

Here’s what you told us:
Respondents expressed a higher level of concern about transmitting the virus to someone they cared about than the prospect of contracting the virus themselves.

Insight #4
Respondents had mixed feelings about the safety of seeking health care treatment during the pandemic, including virtual appointments and elective treatments.

We asked respondents if they felt safe and comfortable seeking medical treatment during the pandemic, and also about their feelings on virtual doctor appointments.

Here’s what you told us:
Based on the response to this question, local residents expressed mixed feeling about the safety of seeking medical treatment during the pandemic:
• Only a slight majority believed virtual appointments made them more comfortable
• A slight majority were more comfortable seeking routing treatment over elective treatment
• A slight majority believed visiting a hospital put them at a higher risk of contracting the virus

Insight #5
Respondents expressed strong opinions about protocols and rules that hospitals and other healthcare facilities should follow to keep their patients and the public safe.

We asked respondents a number of questions about hospital and healthcare provider protocols and what they expected when they visited a medical facility.

Here’s what you told us:
Respondents believed strongly that coronavirus patients should be treated in a separate area of the hospital – and away from other patients. Further, those who responded to the survey expected their temperatures to be taken at the time of their appointment. Other expectations:
• All medical personnel must wear face mask and gloves
• Paperwork should be completed digitally
• Medical staff have been tested recently
• Medical staff treating the patient is not currently interacting with coronavirus patients.

Our Pledge to You

We’d like you to know that Texas Health Huguley Hospital is listening, and we’ve undertaken a number of important safety protocols to keep our patients and their families safe. We’re screening all visitors when they enter the hospital, with those whose temperature is 100 degrees or higher not permitted to enter our facility. In addition:

  • All patients and visitors will be given a mask to wear at the hospital – masks must be worn at all times, covering the nose and mouth.
  • Non-COVID-19 patients – including surgery and labor/delivery patients –will be allowed one visitor per day. Visitors must be over the age of 16, wear a mask, and be screened on arrival. NICU patients are allowed two parents or guardians as visitors.
  • No visitors are allowed for patients in the lab, radiology, behavioral health and pre-testing departments, with special exceptions made for minors and those with mental disabilities or who need assistance.

Please don’t delay needed health care during the pandemic. We’re taking every measure to provide a healthy, safe environment and have a plan in place to care for you and your loved ones, thanks to new operational flows, protective equipment and ongoing staff education about proper protocols and measures to keep you well.

If you have further questions or concerns, contact us at Texas Health Huguley Hospital.

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