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Where we stand: September 20th

Here’s some good news about the coronavirus:  cases and hospitalizations are trending down in Texas, according to the Texas Tribune, which relies on data from the Texas Department of State Health Services.  In fact, Tarrant County’s public health department indicates newly reported COVID-19 cases have dropped from 1,227 confirmed cases the week ending September 5 to 1,124 confirmed cases last week.  

Although schools reopening may post new risks, we’re currently seeing lower numbers not seen since June.  Now, that’s no reason to let our guards down, but it does suggest that all this social distancing and mask wearing advice is paying off.  

Beginning this week, we’ll share the latest numbers on cases, recoveries, and deaths in our neck of the woods.  Here’s where we stand this week:

County Total Cases Recoveries Active Cases Fatalities
Tarrant 41,576 39,380 1,525 662
Johnson 2,663 2,608 43 48
Cases week of September 20th

COVID-19 testing availability

If you think you’ve been exposed to the Coronavirus, contact your primary care physician to discuss your concerns and for advice on getting tested, and caring for yourself and loved ones.  You can also schedule a test at community testing sites if you’re a resident of Tarrant County.  You’ll be asked to complete this online self-screening assessment to schedule an appointment or call the Tarrant County Public Health information line at (817) 248-6299.  The site lists community testing sites at locations throughout the county, and a list of FAQ.  Tests are offered at no cost to the public; however, insurance information is collected when possible. 

If you need additional testing options, the Texas Department of State Health Services has provided a tool to identify other COVID-19 test collection sites based on your location.  These sites include community centers, such as the Burleson Recreation Center (BRiCk), as well as pharmacies and urgent care centers.  Click on the link for a complete list, and note that in some cases, deductibles, co-pays or co-insurance may apply.  In some locations, you may be required to have prior authorization for the test or your physician’s referral.  

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