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What to do for non-covid related medical issues

People who don’t have COVID-19 may need to find care for health concerns they’re facing. Here are some options to consider to meet your needs:

  • Call your primary care doctor’s office and ask them if you can make an appointment. They can direct you as to how you can access their care. Many physician practices, including Texas Health Family Care offices, offer virtual visits that will allow you to be seen by a provider without leaving the comfort of home. Reference your practice’s website for more information on virtual options.
  • Consider a service like DispatchHealth, which brings to you a mobile medical team equipped with the technology and tools to care for minor to serious injuries and illnesses. Each team consists of a medical technician and a nurse practitioner or physician assistant. These clinicians are supported by a remote on-call emergency room physician.
  • Many health insurance providers offer virtual care encounters, where you communicate with a provider using a tablet or other smart device. Call your insurance company to check on availability and to determine whether a virtual-care appointment is appropriate for your symptoms.

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